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  1. Hi I saw your restaurant on Food Destination narrated by Andrew Simmer. ever since then I have placed Maine on my bucket list specifically your restaurant. Now I will have an opportunity to visit Maine in March of 2018. I am so excited to be visiting your restaurant. I have a question…I need to know the name of a Hotel that I can stay in that is closest to your restaurant Porthole. Would you be able to give me some information?

    • Beth Poitras says:

      Hi Amy,

      So glad you are coming! That’s great! The Hilton Garden Inn is right across the street from us and I believe their number is 780-0780. The Portland Regency is also nearby and that number is 774-4200. Good luck and look forward to seeing you on the deck next season!

      Beth Poitras
      GM Porthole Restaurant & Pub
      Casablanca Cruises
      20 Custom House Wharf
      Portland, ME 04101

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